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Originally Posted by Helvete
You donīt need the best equipment to play technical stuff...

you don't need the best equipment to play anything. but you're totally missing the point. it's a fender, fender makes some shit amps, and some great amps. but most fender amps are CLEAN amps... and you say you play technical death metal. he wants to know what amp it is.

anyways... as far as wattage goes. 100w s.s. might be enough for you volumewise(must have a soft handed drummer)... but that still means jack shit. you really need to think, HOW DOES IT SOUND?

alot of amps are 100w, some are shit and some are not. an amp is not simply a box of watts. it's something that shapes your sound. i have three amps, all are 100w, does that mean that mg100 is just as good? don't kid yourself.

i'm doubting your teachers understanding of how wattage relates to volume and if he understands the difference between a tube amp and a s.s. amp. being a great guitarist has nothing to do really with knowledge of gear.

the actual volume difference between a 300w head and a 100w head is maybe like 3 to 4db, and as i said before, it's a headroom issue. being able to turn a 300w head up and be as loud as the 100w head, but without the shitty poweramp distortion.
now if we were talking tube amps, headroom may not be an issue, and that's where the 50-80w combo can come in. because tubes breakup in a much more musical way.that's why alot of people will by a 50w tube head instead of something else. they want the breakup.

for concerts, some places mic you, some places don't. you're playing the local stadium? definately a mic... you're playing at the bar & grill down the street? maybe not.

not to mention, band practice. not all bands have huge PA's in there bandrooms. you need to make sure your amp is loud enough for that.

yet in the end, still.... how does it sound?
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