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As I already said, our other guitarist is using this 100 Watt Fender combo, and the master volume is always at 3-4...and it really is loud enough! Is your drummer louder than mine?

I just asked my guitar teacher ( who is one of the best guitarists here in austria) about this amp stuff. He said that 100 Watt are more than enough and amps with about 300 watt just arent necessary.
Especially not for a concert, since everything is running over the PA there.

Seriously, I dont know who of u guys is right now! Everyone is telling me something different.

My teacher told me also that one of the best guitarists he personally knows is using a small combo with about 50-80 Watt and he is playing really big concerts. Maybe this amp stuff is just hyped and when it comes to really brutal distortion you won´t hear that much difference anyway I think. If the PA sucks, the sound will be shitty, no matter if you have a 100 watt amp or a 300 watt mesa boogie one.
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