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Re: Questions about Steve Vai

Originally posted by Nemo
OK, here is the story: Iv'e been to metaltabs since march, and I have heard alot about many bands/artists, but I have heard most of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. I hadn't heard anything of their music before yesterday, when I downloaded Steve Vai with Beethoven's 5'th. Still havn't heard anything of Joe Satriani, but the time will come. But that hasn't got anything to do with the topic of this tread, so I'll skip that. Anyway, I love Beethoven and I love guitarplaying, so I hoped this was going to sound good. And it did!!! Fuck! It's fucking awsome! So I now hope that anybody on this forum could help me with finding anymore of Steve Vai's stuff, he's a fucking good guitarplayer!

Thanks for using you valuable time, reading this tread.


You forgot to ask which bands thay have played with earlier.
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