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he heard a sound... a sound unlike any sound hes ever heard... the sound of... THE OSTRICH... now this wasnt just an ostrich, this was THE OSTRICH and THE OSTRICH had a sharpened candy cane for a right wing thingy.... "DAMN!" shouted Matti as he ran away... faster and faster through the night... and all of a sudden "BOOOOCCKKKAAAAARRRKKK!!!!"... GOD NO! IT CANT BE?! it was.... the terrifying super-pissed techno-rooster... the rooster DEVOURED THE OSTRICH like it was nothing... "holy shit" thought Matti, "im going to die.." but then he had a BRILLIANT PLAN! Matti thought to himself "If only i had a....
rope tight, around her throat
her body twitches
as she chokes
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