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...a flock of pigs came flying towards him (ehehehe the irony!) he was in luck!, he had to figure out how to get them down, so he searched and searched the floor, by this time the flying pigs were nearly out of sight, he found a sharpened stick by the tree..''what the fuck?!'' he thought '' i didnt sharpen any stick'' he only just remembered in his past life that someone dismembered him, he wiped the blood off the pointed stick, and started to catch speed, he wasnt very far from them now

the flying pigs lead him into a forest, he couldnt see them up above, he tripped over a tree root, ''OH! FUCK MUTHA FUCKING SHIT!!!'' he gave the tree one big KICK!..he waited.....and suddenly WHAM FLUMp! WHAM! three flying pigs came falling out of the tree, 'ahahahaha there you are you bastards!' he quoted, he started stabbing them with joy,without actually having to be clever - they were all dead,the blood was pissing out of the pig, this was not a delightful sight thought matti, but he had to survive this way killing animals, he sighed, he had an idea he didnt have any teeth so with this way, he got these too sticks nearby, and pulled out each of the pigs teeth 1 by 1, ''yes'' he said! ''they make not look very good but atleast i can eat with these mutha fuckers'', he pierced the pigs teeth slowly into his skin, he then went off to find some firewood, as he hid the dead-teethless pigs in the hedge..
'' I'll Smother You With A Fucking Pillow!! ''

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