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Originally Posted by tchambliss
I had just lost so much for music and all it ended up taking to get me back on the right path ended up being Varg Vikernes. . . well and of course Yo-Yo Ma's quote "learn all that you can about theory then forget it."

that mans a genious at his playing of the bach chello suites. he's very right though, because when you learn all u can about somthing it goes in your head, well mine computes it in terms i understand. so when i sit down and right i dont relize im using theory till afterwords. its pretty weird, but its what sounds natural. but i also worked on my ear for a year and have developed perfect pitch.
music expresses which words cant emulate

Originally Posted by User01
ibut i wouldnt get any help at a slipknot board, theyre struggling with palm muting!
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