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Originally posted by walpurgis

The only people I actually miss are two of my teachers. Mr. Ranck, because he was like a 28 year old version of me, he was awesome, and Mr. Ranta, because he is probably the smartest person I've ever known in my life.

I hated most of the people I went to school with, and I didn't learn a whole lot in school, to be honest with you. Couldn't keep my mind occupied enough to enjoy myself, so it sucked.

I guess this comes across as a No, but I'll also be basically in school for the Navy for a year. Nuclear Power school, which I'm sure will be much more challenging.

...of course, now that people are starting to leave for college and all, it's getting a little more depressing. It seems kinda weird that a lot of people you've known for years you might never see again. Just said goodbye to Dieff_54, my friend Brad today. I'll miss some people, but I won't miss many.

99% of my teachers were assholes, but i miss the times of high school, not the teachers. i'd easily go for another year if i could........
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