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i am a senior at high school, happily playing hacky sac during lunch, and whenever possible. i am in the orchestra planning on going to (for ya'll in the usa) rice university, or university of north texas at denton, dallas for scholarship. i get average grades and do everything at the last minute. i sleep during most of school because i am able to do everything they ask of me and turn in perfect essays before the due date, ohh wow, for five to ten extra points. i'm not dumb, just lazy. i think most will agree that i am one of the best guitarists in the school, which isn't hard, everyone sucks. on off hours of school, i am on the computer, on cakewalk, writing and transposing music for maybe three to four hours daily, and practice guitar for maybe thirty to an hour a day. but i practice my double bass(orchestra) atleast one to two hours a day. i work tcby on weekends.
Man, I get real sweaty after I wack my dong. Yeah, cause I headbang while I do, and I can't really "Jump" (haha ) like VanHalen in a dorm room, so I just walk back and forth....haha a couple days ago I was jumping up and down on my bed, with my pants down and my roommate came in when I wasn't looking, hahaha.

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