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Personally I just had an epiphany occur today. Though none of you care it is a very good thing to take into account. I have become bored with music in the past few weeks and have been suffering from major blocks in my own writing. . . One of my best friends brought something up about my approach to music and indeed he was correct though he said it in a very odd way. . . I do take too much of a theorhetical approach which can never be good. . . I was sitting and decided I was going to throw theory out of the window and just do my own thing. . . whenever I did, all of my problems went away. . . including the block on my creativity. Maybe they are not the most choppy or shredtastic licks ever but they are from the bottom of my soul. . . My love of music has once again been renewed. . . Moral: Don't allow theory to encompass everything you do. . . unless it is an area like theory classes, books, or jazz band. . . later people.
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