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I practice w/ my band Catacomb EVERY day....we play gigs at this place called Wired Frog....we havent played there in a month tho..its always booked w/ other bands, shitty ones. Bands that are tryin to be blink 182 or sumthin... we're the ONLY local band around that has heard of somethin called a "guitar solo". And my band members kick ass!!! Our drummer eric henry is the fastest double bass drummer..and we play shit that kinda has kalmah/children of bodom/sonata arctica influences. I put a column in our local newspaper about our band needing a new rythem guitarist.....and i know u guys prolly cant help, but if u know of a relative, friend,...etc that lives in Birmingham, Michigan that plays metal rythem guitar...lemme know ..........oh! and outside m band there is hell, i mean school.
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