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Information On Composition

I have learned many things regarding composition in the past few weeks from various sources. I thought I return the favor to those who helped me on this forum, so here it goes. (Note this is NOT my works, just sharing all that I have found useful).

A motive is a group of notes around one up-beat. You can compare a motive to a word in the human language. There are three types: lamb, choree, and amphibrach.
Lamb - begins with a down beat and ends with an up beat
Choree - Begins on an up beat and ends on a down beat
Amphibrach - a combination of the first two motives, begins and
ends with a downbeat

2 (Normally) Motives make up phrases (half sentences). They are normally a whole melodic idea in a composition.

I will add the harmony information in a bit, but I'm off to dinner with the lady at the present. Enjoy, and feel free to add or to correct me if I posted anything wrong.
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