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i hate mark portnoy, i dont why........i just do

i think the slipnot drummer is good its just his talents arent exactly utilized, then again i never listen to slipnot beyond when switch it off the radio, and oh yeah, that rollerball movie.

kieth moon, drummer of the who is far overrated, never really liked the who anyways. the dudes been immortalized like john bodham but ive never seen nor heard anything from the guy that warrants it. i see footage of him behind 30 piece drumsets but i never hear all those drums being used in who songs. the only thing i saw that impressed me was when he blew up his bass drum and nearly killed the other members. maybe he gets cool points for chainsawing hotel rooms to pieces, being insane and a notorious alcoholic, thats about it. ive seen tommy and quadraphenia<however the fuck you spell it>solid drummer at best...........a legend, hell no.
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