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..Matti thought to himself this is fucking he strolled on he came across this huge badger hole, he dared to look, but without temptation..he peered down the badger hole..and looking straight back at him were these huge slitty red eyes..he knew this was no badger...foolishly matti..stuck his head right down the hole..and ''it'' growled..matti tryed speaking to ''it'' but it spoke no then as matti was about to remove his head from the hole..the so-what beast..took at swipe at blood was trickling from his face..''OH FUCKIN BASTARD'' matti yelled...he was furious, he thought fuck this man, and...
'' I'll Smother You With A Fucking Pillow!! ''

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Hey don't talk back buddy. Give your dick size or don't post.
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