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Alright boys and girls, let's play nice...

First off, if you want to automatically assume that "this will start a flame war" don't you think that you shouldn't say it? Once again, simple common sense really shoots past some people. And another thing, I'm only 18, so being a teenager has nothing to do with the fact that some people are complete and total idiots, and I'm not referencing that to anyone at all.

If you're really actually upset about the DP guy dying and what certain people said about it, it'd be a good time to realize that there are others that just won't care and will mock things, either out of spite, incompetence, or just anger. All of these "angst-ridden teens" myself included, don't deserve their own way to vent huh? Telling people they wish they were dead and all that shit is sometimes immature, yes, but it's still getting their emotions out, and if they didn't, most would be more likely to actually do the things that they'd just want to say.

It's 2 am. I'm tired. I don't expect a bunch of PMs regarding this. If I get any, they will probably be ignored and deleted, thank you.

Amidst all of my rambling, I am closing this. Everyone gets in pissing contests with each other and then wonders why things get shut down on a daily basis.

Fuck you, have a nice day.
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