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Singing/Screaming/Growling 101

Ok so iv noticed allot of people talking about how there throats hurt and what not when they sing, also about using foods and drinks to "make" then sing. So im going to try and make a guide to follow so that no one else gets hurt or tells people to do things that will do 0% to improve the healing process.


Ok so many people think that you have to take huge gasp of air just to find small parts, thatís wrong. Also when you sing, it shouldn't be louder than a loud talk. IF you in a band and u have to raise your voice to get over the guitar/drums, just stop until u have an amp that gets loud enough without u having to scream ur nutz off.

First thing to know is that you sing out of your diaphragm and use your ribs for reserves. Take a deep breath and make sure that youíre SHOLDERS DO NOT MOVE. What youíre looking for is your rib cage expanding. Place ur hands on your ribcage to feel it. Then push air out of your mouth using your diaphragm. To do so you need to push the diaphragm down. It will feel like your taking a shit (ha-ha). Hold that for as long as you can. Make sure to NOT use any from your rib cage. When your diaphragm is out then u can use your rib cage as your reserve. Doing so allows youíre to sing long parts without having to worry about air intake. I can hold notes for 30+ secs and screams/growls for 15+.

Hold to tell if youíre doing it right.

Lay on your back with your right hand on your stomach and your left, ball your hand into a fist and place it on your rib cage (on the left). Now take a breath in for 8 counts (DONT MOVE YOUR SHOLDERS). Then slowly breathe out and only use your diaphragm for 4 counts then your ribcage for 4. Repeat 3 times. This will help build your stamina and your ability to do so.

A way to see how your diaphragm works is this. Make a bark noise. You will see that your abs clench up when you do it. Thatís using your diaphragm.

Step 2: PITCH

Ok so most people just try to imitate there fav singers, well this is wrong. DONT imitate people when youíre starting, itís only cutting your talent in half. Singing is from the inside.

How to find your pitch. Close your lips and make a hum (would sound like mmmmmm). Start as low as your can (DONT TRY TO GROWL OR USE YOUR THROAT) and then raise it until it is at its max. You will tell when itís totally comfortable to make this pitch and you get a kind of ringing sound in your head. No open your mouth and keep that pitch, do it until you can't anymore. Remember this is YOUR PITCH, not someone elseís so don't try to imitate what you want to sound like. Now hit that pitch again and open ur mouth, and now say MMMMEEEEE NNNNEEEE. Do it slow and try to keep the sound constant. Do that again only when you get to the 3-4 NNNEEE lower your pitch a little. You will tell when you get it because it feels like a click in your head. Once you do that you have your pitch. Congrats. Now try to hold that pitch along as you can, and keep it constant.

Step 3: Heat/Fire

Heat is added a "Crunch" to you voice. You can do so by using your nose. This is also for screams. An easy way to get this is by making a Marge Simpson voice. You notice how itís all in the nose. Thatís how it should be when you scream, all in the nose area, not the throat.

Fire is a growl. You do so by pushing air out of your diaphragm and raising your Addams apple. This creates a vibration in that gives your the growl sound. A good way to build your growl is to do jumping jacks while saying your ABC's in a growl. Make each one strong and in your center pitch.

Step 5: Heat

If it hurts SHUT UP!!! Itís the best thing you can do for your voice. Whispering is almost as bad as continuing to scream/growl wrong. No food/drinks will help heal your voice. Just shut up if it hurts. Also don't do growls for my than 5-10 mins at a time when you first start because youíre probably going to do it wrong first time around.

Well that should give you some ideas and explanation on how to scream/growl properly.
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