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ok, that teenage metalhead out of the helicopter thing really hurt... thanks for ruining my day... jerk

No problem!

And It's totally from the bottom of my bile duct to you. Some of you have no idea. "This band sucks because they are not black metal." "This band sucks because they don't sing about skull fucking a dead transsexual nazi hooker." Boo Fucking hoo! I cannot believe how close minded some of you are. I normally don't flame people on a forum when I would rather split skulls with a sledgehammer. AND YES I AM PISSED ABOUT THE NU_METAL FALLING ONE AT A TIME POST! So forum Daemons go ahead and lock this if you want because Im sure it will start a flame war. I couldnt voice my OPINION in that thread due to the lock in it. I'm not a fan of the band either but it is still sad to see someone die that touched alot of people. Everyone had something negative to say about him with the exception of Trendkill_420(sorry to bring you into this dude) and a few others. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Lock it or flame on I'm getting a beer

Blizzard Beast
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