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bonham changed the drumset, he had huge customized sets, deep toms,bigger bass drums. the industry change since after to make bigger kits, gongs,double bass kits and so on. so i think part of his legacy was his sound being influencal along with his skill. overrated.......i dont know, the guy had the "presence", people could tolerate hour long drum solos whereas other drummers would be written off as pretensious, ego inflated show offs. he also knew when to hold back, he played what made the song sound good, not just playing showy fills at the end of every measure. a final note is he died young, so there are alot of what ifs about how he would evolve as a drummer.
i personally wasnt really much into led zepplin when i started getting into hardcore,grind,metal. but over the years im really getting to appreciate them. but i can see in the context of the mans skill some can make the claim.

i think neil peart is overrated, for the last 20 years he is regarded as the fucking ayahtollah of all things drums by magazines. and i say this in kind coz i like early rush and i think hes a damn good drummer, its just hes been touted as the end all be all no questions asked. i realized this when he did "the burning of buddy rich" album. i saw documentary footage of him doing one of buddy's big band songs......after i had watch about an hour of a buddy rich documentary. he threw down a very simplified reindition of the drums whereas you'd expect something no less than a note by note, beat by beat cover. it was so dumbed down its not even worth a listen. i also watch other drummers contribution recording/preforming with buddy richs old band and they did a far better job, i cant emphisize how much better the others were. the actual songs buddy did are not the most complex thing in the world for those with a modest swing experience, buddy always played straightforward big band stuff. he was far from progressive in terms of musical style.

lots of people say lars ulrich is overrated, but i like his playing. and he was always compared to popular hair metal drummers of his time when metallica first made it. he was a run of the mill thrash drummer, but compare a run of the mill thrash drummer to anyone making mainstream so called "heavy metal" ie glam rock crap and yeah he'll seem like bruce fucking lee compared to tommy lee and whoever played for warrant,skid row,def leperd,ratt,slaughter etc
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