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Mozart and Other Theory

OK, I have a couple more questions that hopefully somebody can answer for me, as I have already searched threads and haven't found any particularily useful yet. Hopefully you all aren't annoyed and sick of me asking questions.

1. What are some things I should work on to compose melodies in style to the instrumentals of Mozart? Ex. Storm, which is Ex. 2 on Passage to the Reaper and Amadeus, the song from which bodom stole the intro for Red Light In My Eyes Part II.

2. Beethoven - Anything theory related to composing some of the melodies like in Requiem (The 5th), and some of his other works.

3. What are some ways to resolve tension (dissonance) with a melody?

*On a side note, has anybody else noticed that a lot of Something Wild is completely ripped, note for note, from various composers and other bands? I love Bodom, but its kinda sad to find out what I thought was innovation in Red Light In My Eyes Part II was just pieces from Amadeus by Mozart and from Requiem (The 5th) by Beethoven. They also took some riffs directly from songs by Kalmah.

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