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Originally Posted by SARS
I hate doing that, it sounds as bad as the actuall midi-guitars do.

Anyway, I love the way power-tab archive seems to have ripped off mine, k13m's & stachio's "Statutory Ape" power tab, just with added key notes.....grrrr....nice of them that.

You can't blame the PTA for uploading rip offs or stolen tabs (though we don't get many reports about such cases)... we just can't check all the powertab sites and go through all tabs before we upload one to our archive...
So, it's up to you, the original author, to contact us and tell us about your suspicion... that's the only way we can react to stealing ptbs. Plus, I would recommend you to contact the "author" of the PTA version and face him with your suspicion...
Anyway, I'll discuss that with the other admins as I, too, think that both tabs are quite similar...
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