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Originally Posted by Vardanstalt
Wow, that was one of the most dumbest things I have ever seen on this site, not that it surpizes me, since it's from a Xian. But if you weren't being so fucking judgmental and find out that I'm an Atheist before you started critizing me like a stubborn christian, you wouldn't look so fucking retarded. If you hate 'god' and you dont like the christian ways, your not a fucking Satanist. And if you knew anything about satanisim, its not really worshiping satan, it's actually worshiping your self. Belive me, I know, I used to want to become satanist and did alot of research on it. Just because your 'holy' book says that satanist are 'evil', thats not really what they are. So please, keep up with following the rules on how to live your life, and go waste your time at church, and continue judging non-christians on the regular basis, and be the common Xian.

ok dont call me a Xian its like calling a satanist a nist or a jew a dirty jew And I dont even go to church all the time. Just because your a Christian doesnt mean you have to go to church all day and preach at people all the time, thats what Islam is for

And just because im a Christian doesnt mean I only listen to Christian music. I mean its 60 percent of what I listen to but everything else is secular or instrumental.
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