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You are all brilliant.

I'm not talking about song writing cockbags because that is pointless. Judging song wrtiting is personal and varies from person to person. My point is that thoes people I listed are considered the end all be all of shredders. Count how many fucking times you have seen someone say something to teh effect of "OMG muhammed plays teh most tech sweeps ever, i dont know how he plays so clean!!!" When really it isnt all that hard to get good at sweping a minor arpeggio when you ahev been playinga decent amount of time. Or how many people hair Malmsteen as a guitar god. I'm talking sole technical ability because there is no accounting for taste. Obviously you are all missing that point since all I hear is "WAHHHH VAI CAN WRITE EMOTIONAL SONGS!". Maybe I think Vai can't write a song to save his life, but it doesnt matter because arguing about songwriting is dumb because of what I have said before, ther eis no accounting for taste.

Honestly if you can't grasp the idea that all I'm syaing is that the guitar players teh majority of people hail as super elite shredders would get bent over and sodomized by these guys.

And again, whatever dumb ass said something like "oh well you must be gay because you can't play as good as Malmsteen.", you're fucking stupid. Turn around and look up because the point of this thread went way over your head.

Hehe, whats funny is everyone is bitching about song writing when all the Marshall Harrison videos are classical pieces. Yesh, thoes guys couldnt write songs at all. Well I did learn something new today, guitar noodling = classical guitar.

Honestly, where the hell did I mention anything about them being better song writers?
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