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Talking My ears hurt

Just went to the "Summer Metal Massacre".

My opinion......satisfied. Not that happy, and not pissed......just about what i expected....maybe a tad less.

The bands:
Vanquished - they were shit. As some of you may know, i'm not a fan of Black there's one reason why they sucked. The second, every song was the same.

Agiel - Pretty fucking cool. Guitar player was one of the most talented mother fuckers i've ever seen in my life. Very sweet show.

December - If it wasn't for the gory vocals, i would classify them as nu-metal with talent. So.....GARBAGE MOST!!!!!!!!!!

Cephalic Carnage - Pretty fucking cool. Two problems though: 1. the bass guitar was way too loud.....couldn't hear riffs, vocals or drums....only big loud deep noise. 2. because of the loudness of the bass, he blew the amp. So about 2/3 of the concert was without a basist.

No really hot chicks to look at either. I had one beer i wasn't drunk at all. Work killed my knees, so i could barely stand for the concert. So overall.....i was "satisfied".
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