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Originally Posted by YJM04
pretty much, if they had somthing original to show, maybe somthing melodic with some phrasing as well dynamics. and other techniques instead of full out sweeps. than maybe it would be enjoyable. the reason why people like satch is he thinks like a listener and plays the appropiate speed and dynamics to get out the emotion that he wants the listener to hear. its just like painting a certain stroke makes a certain emotion/color. but satch isnt afraid to mess around with his ideas. i mean could u actually listen to shred for over an hour and not get bored, well it depends on who u listen to if its jason becker. than thats differnt cuz all his stuff is the shit

I don't even like Joe Satriani, but this post hits the nail into the coffin

No matter how good a guitarist, if you want to base it on technicality, even a semi-advanced pianist could probably upstage them. That's why it's also about expoliting the unique aspects of guitar that make players good or bad, as well as there compatability with a band. Most of these mpg-masters have horrible neck tone and mindlessly shred to a spasticated drum loop, Francesco Faerari is a prime example of this. you think they're great until you hear more than one in song in a row by them.
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