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oh yeah,so does his third cousin in law once removed from the family.You know,the one with the club foot eye patch funguar disease on fingers and arthritis

Oh and Newhell,I get you but let me strengthen ourt point of view.besides songwriting,even if you play a cover,youre good not only by perfecting it exactly as recorded,but giving it your own mood,dimensions and just breath.

Again another comparison with painting,The best painters and the ones considered to really be gifted weren't doing perfect portraits of the body,landscapes or anything.they could do it,but art and paint meant to them more than physical perfection.It was the spiritual perception that Picasso's oddly figured shapes and polygons made him state his thoughts and soul,which is really hard on music,to make a true voice and not just a pretty painting.

PS But I also understand that some find beauty in extreme speed and "reality"(painting analogy)and thats how some take out their feelings.I do too,but just cause Im not very good at any other forms.

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