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Originally Posted by madtrixcerenzia
Ok, now i see what you mean, i think i took the tone the way i did and the way i put the criticism across was because of how the person who started this thread. I would have not worded it the same if he was just like "these guys are pretty good guitarists, and in my opinion, better than vai, satch, blah blah". But he didnt, he called them gay, and decided to make these other guys his idols. What i was saying is fine, its not like these guys know about this forum or read it, so its not like they are going to take my criticisms to heart, so thats why my reply was open to bash them. I was arguing with the kid and giving reasons why HE is the idiot for thinking the way he thought.

Really, he can say whatever he wants, and argue with me, but it is a FACT: none of those guys are on the level of people like Vai, Satch, Becker, Holdsworth, etc. nor do they have the same mindset or views of music.

Ok we agree. Well if I were you I'd atleast try to email them or something with advice just to say you tried even though most likely they won't listen or care. After that commence the bashing. But I would always try to offer constructive criticism first.
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