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Originally Posted by madtrixcerenzia
Uhh yeah i think your the one being a stupid ass. Thats fine thats what they like, and yes these guys are good at it, but its obvious that the whole genre of shred has become corrupt. I mean Jesus, Jason Becker was amazing as everyone can agree because he can play very fast and would use it effectively. But why do you think he so popular? Hes an excellent song writer, has excellent feel, excellent dynamics, excellent VIBRATO (and seriously, your a dumbass already if you think vibrato isnt important, which seems to be the majority), excellent phrasing, etc. . . Shred is great, but not what the modern shredders are turning it into. They are millions of miles away from people like Becker, Friedman, Holdsworth, Petrucci, Vai, Satch, etc. . .

I understand this guy is trying to say, yes there are good guitarists besides the big names, which is true, but ill be the first to say, its not these guys. They are slowly moving farther and farther away from calling the guitar a musical instrument. Jimi Hendrix is a perfect example again. He has all the same stuff i said about Becker, but according to you, cause these guys can play fast but lack all those other qualities still must be better. Seriously think about what your saying.

I understand what your trying to say. Song writing vibrato and phrasing are extremely important in writing good songs. What I'm trying to get across is that bashing on another persons skill and calling them childish is not helping anything. Your senseless complaining won't help to change anything. If you really cared you could try some constructive criticism instead of calling them dumb and whining on about how bad they are. That's what I'm getting at. Otherwise as far as shred becoming tasteless and just about speed. I somewhat agree with you there.

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