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U are an absolute retard

wow there are other guitarists besides the big names who can play well Holy Shit i never would have known if u hadnt pointed that out to me.

to many ppl see speed as the defining criteria of a good guitarist, why becasue its the easiest part to achieve, oh wow i can do a B Aeolian scale at a rediculasly fast BPM, fantastic but its still just a scale and no matter how fast will never sound like anything else u put that in music u have a guitar excerise CD not a song, playing musicaly is the realy hard part, then puting those together. Speed and actual Musicality

Just because there other people out there who can play well and proficiently doesnt mean that ppl like Vai, Statch etc suc and it doesnt make them any less deserving of there status. There are many reasons besides just being bloody excelent musos (i wont speak for all u mentioned cause i dont personaly hold masive opion of players such a yngwie) that these guys are so revered they were the ones who started or at least popularised many of the techniques its soo easy for players now to just follow in the footsteps of these great artists but the hardest thingis doing something new something orginal.

there are many great artists out there and some of them may not get the recognition they deserve but when u say that ppl such as Satch and Vai suc because of it i think thats a bloody stupid statement and an one of the hugest overeactions ever. there are far greater injustices in the world dude stop being a dick and wake up.
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