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Meh, gutrie govan and bumblefoot have impressed me before, but everything in that video was pretty stupid. . .to me. I know people can play that fast and i dont need to hear it constantly and with the noises going on it was pretty retarded. But thats just me.

That Fulara guy was pretty cool. I came with an idea of harmonizing on the same guitar with two hand tapping, and i thought i was pretty unique, but i guess its already been done. But i was most suprised about him, is that he seemed to have some dynamic control there, but still you can only have so much with tapping. I think he was the best of them all in individuality.

Fabrizio is ok, i think if he put his head in a little different direction he would be much better, but he seemed to do alot of meaningless running around, which bored me in about 10 seconds. If he started phrasing a little better and really digging in to his playing, then he would be alot better in my book.

I notice in this forum that all the new artists shown in threads tend to all be people who just shred meaninglessly and have terrible vibrato. Seriously, is anybody tired of it yet? I mean if you sit there and think about it more and more, you will see why straight up shredding is retarded. All those people are the ones who give shredding a bad name, cause theres nothing wrong with a little shred here or there.
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