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No less than 7 hours. I wake up at 5 30 and do an 1 and a half before school, 3 hours when i get home, then dinner, then i work out, then i finish the night out with it. I scheduled study halls in school so i always do homework then.

And for John Holland,

I believe you may practice 12 hours but i only have two questions.

Where are you in life, are you a student, or out of college and have a job? In the summer, i can totally believe it, but you do realize that you are giving yourself about 3 hours of freetime. I find it hard to believe you can accomplish this with school and/or work, considering both of these things take more than 3 hours to do.
Steve Vai does it cause he was going to Berklee and now his lifes music so he can. I dont know this guy, but if you have a job or school (thats not a music school) then i dont care what you say. . .Bullshit.

And most importantly, what do you do when you practice? If you watch tv while your doing it, that hardly counts. I bet that 2 hour of concentrated practice beats 5 hours of 'ok' practice. Gauranteed.

Now im not saying this is you, but if it is, your 12 hour days are meaningless. Especially if your just learning other peoples songs. If you spend 12 hours doing nothing but learn songs by your favorite bands then thats even more meaningless. And its great if your writing songs, but if your practicing that much and being that dedicated but not putting nothing towards say knowledge, ear training, sight reading, etc. then again, meaningless.

Note: (When i say meaningless, i meant for your journey to becoming a TRULY good guitarist, as i imagine one would be striving for when putting forth 12 hours of their life towards the instrument leaving 3 hours a day for other things such as a job to finance ones guitar needs, shelter, and food)

So in short, just how the hell are you exactly practicing that much?
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