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As my main guitar i operate a parker p-38 with an EMG 81 in the bridge postision. I cant complain about anything on this guitar, i can get a decent metal, a decent clean, and a decent classic rock sound. The neck is thin, the action is low, and it gives me alot of options with the piezos and the emg.

My bad ass piece of shit guitar is a PRS santana SE. I bought it at gc a while back because it was 150. It was so low because it had a little paint chip in it. I ended up stripping the paint and getting a pretty decent wood finish. The paint is still around the edges so it has kinda an original look. I was bored one day and i never used it so i took an old gibson fixed bridge and put it in there. The santana SE has a tremelo system on it. SO uh....theres a huge gaping whole now. When i finally got it all dont i noticed the action was pretty uneven and high on the higher frets so i had to rout a hole into where the bridge fits so the action and intonation was where i needed it.

I also have a left handed takamine acoustic that i switched around to make it right handed. i had to wire one of those stationary dean markleys in it to get it to work correctly because i couldnt the wire the old pickup in due to some of the work i previously did.
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