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Wouldn't inanity and elitism be at two ends of intelliegnce and make the perfect place right in the middle according to that philosophy?
Yes, sometimes the closer the friendship the more the suffering. Sometimes that suffering is in being parted by death of the friend. Believing as I do I feel that those loved and lost will be reunited in the afterlife. Not pushing my beliefs onto you, but just expressing the differences.
Not everyone can be a true friend. The old saying that one is silver and the other gold can mean longevity or the intimacy of the relationship between friends. If something happens to shatter a golden friendship it would certainly be more hurtful than a silver one. One never knows who the golden ones will turn out to be. Some of my most golden have turned out to be net friends that I've exchanged more than casual hellos with. And at times, there's been a trial or so, but we've gotten beyond that. Being friends is just something you have to take a chance with sometimes. Being a silver friend to me is quite easy, but being a golden one takes a little more depth. So I suppose I choose mine with a little care and caution, too. That's as it should be.
Everyone has some type of cultural influence even if they're the beginning of that culture so as soon as one other person shares their views it becomes a popularity. I can say I'm independent in my thinking, but another independent thinker shares that value and becomes part of that popularity called independent thinking.
Spectralizing I imagine to be prismatic. Is that the effect you were meaning with that word? If that's the case I'd love to be that way. I think I am when I write verses and songs because of the breadth of scope in which I try to write. If you have a different meaning for that, please explain.
Your last statement is true to a certain degree. The only way for one to learn is to put thoughts into one's own head and be able to utilize them. I can learn from anyone. I can learn how to climb a tree from a monkey and it can learn to smoke cigarettes from me, but that doesn't mean we're friends. Maybe observers. With things that pertain to humanity we can learn from each other in teacher/student exchanges of ideas and knowledge, but when that step of friendship is added sometimes it makes the exchange less formal and easier to learn.
Thank you for making me think.
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