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Originally Posted by Unanything
I like a good transcension. Very good indeed. You should try reading into some stuff. Any Zen or the book the Tao Of Physics should do you well. I've not read it but I read a quote from it once. Very explantory. Thinkers like you are what humanity needs - another foot up it's psychic arse.


At the moment I try to read as much Edgar Allan Poe as attainable..... very commendable author indeed, who inspires me a lot to think about irrefutable topics, that are notably important, but never really came across them.

so read his books and flabbergast
"Without corpses
there's no War
and without War
there's no Victory
My Dear!"
- by Devil Doll (The Girl who was... Death)

"In an Insane World,
an Insane Man,
MUST appear Insane,"
- Alien 3
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