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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
You were very pleasant with your patience. That's nice. I looked up words I didn't know and it makes a lot more sense now. I was getting the end, but I see how the beginning fits more now. I had gotten a darker feeling from it. It reminded me a bit of Death's lyrics that are more contemplative. It also seemed to have an edginess to it that Tool has in some of their stuff. The dark prog fits it perfectly.
It did grab me titlewise and by the last 2 verses. I've been reading about the Mason's right now so the math, science, and human mind really struck a chord. Things that I never thought of as being closely connected have become moreso. I think this piece develops an idea of one way that might go. The first 2 lines of the last verse hit the nail on the head about humanity.
I thought this was quite interesting even though I did have to work at it a bit. Sorry it took some time to post my thoughts.

Ah thank you very much! hehe I get compared with Death's and Tool's lyrics
I'm not the type of person who writes lyrics one can understand on first sight.... I want to make the reader think about what he read..... Analysing, interpretation, understanding.....
"Without corpses
there's no War
and without War
there's no Victory
My Dear!"
- by Devil Doll (The Girl who was... Death)

"In an Insane World,
an Insane Man,
MUST appear Insane,"
- Alien 3
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