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Hey, thanks for all the comments you left.... Good to hear that some people here appreciated this work....

Originally Posted by Def
hey, chill, sometimes it takes some days before someone reads it

sounds good to me, pretty dark sounding atmosphere, maybe because of the use of words, did you intend it like that?

other than that, it's pretty short which I like, I lose attention quickly, especially with long-ass lines and shallow but immensely long lyrics. what kinda music did you have in mind under these lyrics?

So, now to your questions.... Yes the use of words was intended in this form and structure. If you don't know the 100% definition of words like primogenial or interminable, I advice you too look them up in a dictionary. You will see that the use of such words bring my direct thoughts into written communication.
I like the fact, that you think this poem/lyric has a dark sounding atmosphere. That was indeed my intention and I'm happy to see that others notice this.

The music under these lyrics is progressive metal, comparable with the musical atmosphere of arcturus and the instrumental work of spiral architect.

Originally Posted by Transient
the lines about truth and logic are great man

plus its cool to see you back, i recgonize your avatar but still dont know what the hell it is! anyways good job with these lyrics
Today 00:21

Yeah, much time has gone by since I posted the last lyrics in this forum....

Well, in my avatar is a photo of a shisha (waterpipe)

Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
Read it this morning. Read it again. I want to study it a bit more before I comment. Hard to think when the tv's talking about some nutjob having sex with corpses.
Looks pretty good though so far.

thanks for looking at it....
"Without corpses
there's no War
and without War
there's no Victory
My Dear!"
- by Devil Doll (The Girl who was... Death)

"In an Insane World,
an Insane Man,
MUST appear Insane,"
- Alien 3
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