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Math, Science and the Human Mind

Math, Science and the Human Mind

From the primogenial and physicality humans on earth,
To the interminable of the inflationary universe.
The misconcepted Human mind lollygags for an elucidation,
Of the unexplainable.

Numbers seem to solve everything,
Words seem to verbalize the language of the universe,
False Logic seems logical,
And wrong Truth seems true.

Predicting and Contradicting,
Thatís what the human mind does.
Everything is just misleading interpretation,
But they are too unequivocal to see.
"Without corpses
there's no War
and without War
there's no Victory
My Dear!"
- by Devil Doll (The Girl who was... Death)

"In an Insane World,
an Insane Man,
MUST appear Insane,"
- Alien 3
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