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hahahaha, thanks guys. Also some interesting things ull find in the video:
-Me throwing the horns
-me throwing the "westwide" sign
-The Brodequin, Internal Suffering, and Hate Eternal stickers on my door
-Souledge, Massmurder, and Guttural Secrete stickers on top of my closet door
-My preppy clothes folded and piled up on the Clothe Ironing Table.
-A part of the wall patched up from some stupid little shit I did. hahaha

Ok, here are the few things that have altered my voice that are bad for ur health:
-Prime Time Mini Cigars (Vanilla and Chocolate Mint flavor)
-Vodka with Coca Cola

Heres some natural techniques:
-The more air you push out, the more you project. The more loud you do vocals, the more demonic and brutal you will sound.
-The guttural sound depends on how which position you position your tongue. I usually have the tip of my tongue touching the back of my top front teeth.
-The more friction between the back of your mouth and esophagus, the more you get that sewer sound. Experiment..

Thats all for now, ill find more ways to explain..

And for those interested My bands are:
NecroFuckingLicious (Brutal Slam Gore)
Masokist (Comedic Grindcore/Experimental Slam Deathgrind)
Asshole Sewage (Gore n' Roll)
Fetal Incineration (Crust/goregrind)
Postmortem Perception (Brutal Death/Grind/Thrash)
I suck at guitar.
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