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Originally Posted by IlikeRiffseveryone
yeah, but the cut offs are fucked. Necro butcher, i dont know you played left.

aw yeah

the worst part about being left handed is how you can NEVER try a guitar in a shop.

im going to otawa in novemember maybe i can find a cool music shop there with some lefties though.

and yeah the jackson is pretty good, but after playing my ibanez rg 550 (wizard 1 neck) the jackson feels like trying to play a block of wood, i dunno though its all preferance, i dont have long fingers, thats for sure, so for people who have long fingers could hate the wizard 1 neck, but then again paul gilbert plays a wizard neck and he has huge fingers
Originally Posted by k13m
so i guess its kinda nice for leads but i thought it sucked ass for soloing
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