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Originally Posted by BassBehemoth
* Most Irritating Member - that cold_blooded666 fucking moron.
* Least Irritating N00b - nohe? lol...just because he's a maritimer!!
* Everyone's Favourite Little Bitch - CC(Deathcs..does not deserve that title) and DICKSUCKON!!!

* Most Unreasonable Fucking Nazi Arsehole - Chris I guess...just because I don't think he liked me saying nigger or nigga..and made me feel guilty about it.(HE USED TO BE COOL!!! WHAT HAPPENED!!)

* Best Avatar - The guy with the demon tattoo vagina(sorry about the name nigga)
* Best Signature - Mine because it's my lifestyle.
* The "Where Are They Now?" - Trendkill, sanderinos, PST, slayme and MetalPoldi

And the Big Ones:

* Best Flaming of 2005 - When I was ready to go to Dissection's house and kick his fucking ass for being so fucking stupid.(Actually this was like over a year ago...but still)
* Biggest Cunt - DeathCS

I just feel honored being mentioned
This is my signature.
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