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* Most Irritating Member - Rapture, but he hasn't been around much recently
* Least Irritating N00b - Autumncurve, don't think he's argued!
* Everyone's Favourite Little Bitch - Transient

* Most Unreasonable Fucking Nazi Arsehole - Chris

* Best Avatar - Defs' headbanging
* Best Signature - IlikeRiffseveryone
* The "Where Are They Now?" Award, for the most conspicuous absence. - Probably Dissection, he was always around.

And the Big Ones:

* Best Flaming of 2005 - I think its gotta be HalfMastTrousers 'rate my life' thread, that was carnage
* Biggest Cunt - either Def or xdx for their gear

The Freedom of Chaos
The Secret of The Secret
The Truth of The Truth

Originally Posted by Undone
moonraven?....more like ass raven
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