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This'll be fun

* Most Irritating Member: Rattler for his over use of orange type
* Least Irritating N00b: Any that haven't gone 'hello notice me I'm new, so who is best Slipknot or Carcass and which singer do you hate and wish would die etc'
* Everyone's Favourite Little Bitch: Good old Foxguitar God bless ya.

* Most Unreasonable Fucking Nazi Arsehole: Ha ha, bowing to peer pressure....Chris

* Best Avatar: Sars' moonwalking wookie is pretty cool, Young guitarist used to have a break dancing Family Guy!
* Best Signature: Don't really read 'em
* The "Where Are They Now?" Award, for the most conspicuous absence.: Ezurate, never did return with those KISS tabs

And the Big Ones:

* Best Flaming of 2005: Double your dating thread or the Cathy Angus mayhem, oh yeah Halfmasttrousers 'Rate everything in my life thread'
* Biggest Cunt: ToXiC NaPaLm for always blubbering that his tabs weren't being archived quick enough or no one was voting for them.
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