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this is giving me a headache trying to follow the posts.

sounds like that guitar is a beginner guitar, and if its had tuners replaced, youll probably get less for it. i dunno keep it instead.

floyd roses, as do all tremelos, work by tightening or loosening the string. the springs are there to counteract the tension. different ways to put the springs on, ie /|\ or ||| or whatever the fuck, its just different ways of displacing the balance. /|\ will be a more even diffused tension, where as ||| will be prone to local differences.
inside the back of your RG or similar, youll see the springs, with one end attached to the block, and the other end attached to a plate, which is held inplace by two screws. turning these screws by only like 1/4 turn, will make your bridge raise or lower its angle. do 'em little by little and do 'em both the same. once you got the angle right, then you need to get the height right. theres a little allen key hole in the posts, where the trem pivots(the only actual contact with the guitar), turning these will raise or lower the bridge.
while your doing that, make sure you remember two things,
1. every time you make any adjustment, however small, your guitar will go out of tune, therefore, the strings will be the wrong tension. retune everytime you adjust anything.
2. theres a bloke in your local guitar shop who will do it for you for pretty cheap.

to the bloke whose strings go out of tune, make sure your strings are completely worn in before you tighten the nut, and then make sure its perfect in tune and fairly tight on the nut. obviously you should make sure its tight at the other end (saddle).
if it still goes out of tune, then either your trem setup is fucked, or your buying shit strings.
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