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It's getting close to me getting a new axe. I want to get some ideas of what to keep an eye out while i continue saving money.

My budget is at most (i would wanna spend less) at most ill say $1000 new zealand dollars which is a bit under $700US

Now keep in mind i may have to buy a guitar new, because there is never anything interesting 2nd hand around. And i would prefer not to use EBAY due to massive shipping distances. So i'll check any suggestions out in the music shop to see their prices.

I would like something with 24 frets
thin neck
neck-tru would be great (i have short fingers and have trouble reaching on high frets)
im looking for something like superstrat style (or whatever else), not too keen on V's
Tremelo would also be nice, but again any ideas.

I have been thinking of LTD's, Ibanez RG's (are these neck-thru?), Jacksons. Not too sure what else. I have rarely seen any of these 2nd hand, so it would probably have to be new.

Any suggestions of models to check for.

I play metal, rock, classical - bunch of random stuff. I basically want a guitar which has a nice sound, and is easy to play technical on.

I think thats about it, thanks a lot for any answers
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