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You can use musical directions. Basically you label a riff with a Segno, then later you can say "D.S." [go to Segno and continue playback]. Or D.S to Coda which is go to Segno and play until you hit "To Coda", then you label a riff later on "Coda" and it jumps there.

There are other things as well, such as D.C. [go to beginning and play back], or D.S.S [double Segno, which is the maximum amount of segnos you can use in Powertab].

There's a tutorial in the Help section of Powertab to explain them more thoroughly.

You can also use repeat bars and have two different endings, and with some creative use, save a lot of space if a big pattern is repeated.

But if a note is tied over a bar, it really screws up the Musical Directions or Repeat Endings if you have to jump to a new place in the tab, so for those songs you usually just have to copy/paste over.
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