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Normally I don't look up the meaning of words I think I already know the meaning of. Maybe I should have started with the first word in the dictionary. I think that would be "a," But don't quote me on that.

So in other words you wrote this in the way that you did to make it sound holier-than-thou. It's purposely looking down it's nose to us little peons that are the majority.

Well, anyways, now that the ole johari window has opened a bit more to your style of writing the next time you post something we'll have a little more information in how the writer's mind works. And I'll make sure I have or my other dictionary handy. I gave it a shot. It's good to have a challenge once in awhile.

By the way, paraphrasing Chaucer back in his day he basically said that writing with "big words" sucks and that was about 800 years ago if I remember correctly.
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