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Originally Posted by Amadeus
I was wondering, wherever did this whole goth thing got started?
And why "goth"?! Why, of everything in the multiverse did they choose the lathin name for a germanic tribe whose only real achievement was to conquer Rome, rule it for a king and leave some inventive churches behind?

Don't you get it man? They're like, tortured artists and shit. I mean, that's deep.
I mean, not everyone can go and just make up a bunch of imaginary problems that they DON''T have, and then take that shit so seriously that they start believing it themselves.
Funny thing is, I dated a chick who was like that. Only she didn't dress gothic. I think that when she comes out of the loon house I'll talk her into wearing nothing but black and listening to Marylin Manson. She's stupid, so it shouldn't be too hard.
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