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Okay, first of all why do you say that the rulers are multi-psychic? Does that just reflect that they have to be mind-readers to work their crowd, so to speak, to know what promises they should make to gain the public trust to stay in an office or be elected to an office?
Then later on you say multi-psyches, but you also say that they inflict justice on those that don't think the same way as them. Multi-psyche makes me think they'd be more flexible in their thinking depending on the issue and the popular idea at the time. That sort of causes conflict with them condemning.
And then as they lead, they are just reflections of the general population which is why they got to be leaders in the first place. Their power and money they want being a reflection of what the population wants too. The ones disagreeing are then suffering for not being part of the system.
And why orange hatred? Is that significant?

I had to read this a few times and look up a word which isn't the first time. It takes me awhile to understand things like this. That's why the questions. I still don't know if I'm getting it or not.
And that brings me to a line you said in this piece that can metaphorically be used in reference to your piece.
"To stay in power they must appeal to the common, average human"
No offence and I know it doesn't apply to everyone, but a lot of people would skip over something like this because it's not "appealing" to the common man.
I like to take a challenge and I think I did understand parts of it so I took a a stab at it.
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