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Mirror Nihilism

At the base of every existence is a mirror.
To strain the elastic, the muscles must be strained.
The pseudo-democratic multi-psychic rulers promote justice.
To stay in power they must appeal to the common, average human.
This mediocrity-eidolon - full of hatred, delusion, apathy, thirst.
This mediocrity-eidolon - desire to inflict, ignore, blind-believe, chaos-ascend.
The multi-psyches inflict justice upon those who defy them.
Upon those who do not reflect themselves in them or as they.
They are utterly listened to and followed into battle although being the same.
Only reflections. Just greedy capitalists.
Their views become reflected in others.
The orange hatred becomes dominant in the mirror image.
They suffer.
The unreflective suffer.
The multi-psyches suffer.
Only because the multi-psyches persisted.
At the base of every existence is a mirror.
To say another causes suffering is for one to suffer.

Prose I came up with earlier in my thoughts. This mirror-thought has become the core of my perception.

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