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I'm looking to buy a secondary guitar. The only reason I want another is to have more flexibility with tunings. Ie> use one for E, Eb and D, use the other for C, C#, Bb, and A#.

So as you can figure, I'm not willing to spend much. In fact I actually want something cheaper than my current guitar. The max I'll spend is about $120-150. Seriously, I don't need anything fancy, but I'm not going to buy a plywood axe either. Just a good old 6-string with a low profile neck.

Some of those guitars at Rondomusic seem very appealing but none of them are well known brands. I found this Ibanez RG going for $130 on ebay and I'm heavily considering it, as it usually goes for like $300 new.

Can anyone reccomend any Ibanez's/other cheaper better known brand guitars that suit my needs? Just any "standard" fixed bridge(or tremolos with a locking nut) 6 strings in that price range. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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