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tuning frequencies are usually between 430 - 450hz, with the reference being 440hz. this means your instrument should be in perfect pitch with other instruments.
the percent is how sharp or how flat the pitch is according to the reference.
eg. you wish to tune open 5 string, which is A. your tuner will display A and how close you are to matching that pitch, and percentage is the measurement of the difference. the lower the percentage the closer the pitch is to being in tune with 0% being perfectly in tune.
also, 100% is half step, 50% is a quarter step, 25% is an eigth step and so on.
i hope this made sense.

also, if youd like to experiment with creating a lower tone, set the frequency to below 440hz and tune in pitch with the tuner eg. 435hz. youll find that if you tune to standard, it will no longer be standard, but everything will be 5hz below standard. so the low E instead of being 82hz, will now be 77hz and so on.
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