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Originally Posted by IlikeRiffseveryone
i play left handed and need to know a good second guitar, a pretty standard request, but i need to know what companies actually make left handed models

i was think along the lines of ibanez, or jackson

I'll suggest a Jackson, cause I have one, and its really good, and its my second electric guitar for me too. A Jackson would be really good, also, I hear alot of good things about Carvin's these days, they make lefty's too. But Carvins are very very pricey.

Originally Posted by EviLGuitariST666
I want to buy a metal guitar,but I have only 300.What can I buy??Please Help me!!!!!!

Whats 300E in American? You need to be a little more specific, is this going to be your 2nd guitar or what? What companies do you like? What things in a guitar do you like and want to have in the new one?
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